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Charting US News Organizations and their Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers via washingtonpoststyle:


News Orgs: their Fans and Followers, March 2012

The Onion, holding its own.

UPDATE: Just to clarify, this is US-based. H/T: Ben Piven.

The Washington Post has 360,000 Facebook fans and 924,000 Twitter followers so, um, where’s our piece of pie?


At least six listed from this “10 Ways…” were conceived by the multimedia desk and produced in collaboration mostly with Interactive News. Though I do wonder what happened to 4 and 5. 

We also produced “Which of Steve Jobs’s Products Mattered Most?” when Jobs passed last year which also solicited user engagement. And I would also add a number of these other interactives that encouraged user engagement:

We do appreciate the shout out. And looking forward to pushing reader engagement in the future. Feedback, as always, is welcome.